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Community Support Worker (CSW)

Position Status

Permanent Part-Time


RB has a dynamic personality and is looking for someone with a great sense of humour who likes to have fun and is confident but not directive towards him.  It's important to maintain a positive attitude whatever the situation.

RB likes to walk; sometimes over long distances.  RB likes routine and predictability because that's how he knows what he can plan for his day and it's how he maintains his community connections, which are important to him.  RB directs his days; he typically has a plan in mind for the day and it's helpful to come prepared for whatever the day brings, inside or out.

RB needs your assistance to pay close attention to the weather and his level of activity, to determine if he needs to add or remove layers.  He can't tell and won't ask, resulting in a lot of discomfort.

Days with RB happen on foot and/or on transit.  During normal, non-pandemic access to community, he enjoys walking, playing mini golf, bowling, swimming, playing pool and visiting his favorite places in Surrey.  This current pandemic climate has limited his access and he will be anxious and need support in keeping distance.  You will assist him in his weekly transit to Coquitlam to stay with his family.

Duties and responsibilities

Days spent with RB in the community helping him to safely navigate his social bubble and safe distances to  places he visits daily, whether on transit systems, community, the mall, the library, bowling, biking, walking, social interactions and social surroundings. Anticipating any anxiety triggers,  careful continual monitoring and being prepared for any shift in dynamic that may cause escalation and how to pro-actively de-escalate.

Supporting RB with any money handling and transactions, daily meals, snacks, suitable attire, health (assisting RB to return home when he's feeling sick).



Reports to

Program Manager

Rate of Pay

CSW: $20.09/hour to $22.75/hour


3 Months

Driving Requirement

Driving not required

Preferred Training or Experience

 Some prior experience supporting individuals who need assistance to avoid stressful situations that trigger escalation.
- Demonstrated understanding of communication, through body language and attention to anxiety triggers.
- Very clear verbal communication; ability to determine the best or worst moment for communication.
- Communicates respectfully and patiently, with supported individuals and others in the community.
- Demonstrated ability to allow others to direct, while patiently maintaining safe boundaries.
- Excellent observation skills and ability to be casually and unobtrusively observant.
- Demonstrated ability to provide necessary guidance as suggestion in a positive way, allowing the person to make a needed change.
- Demonstrated ability to problem solve in the moment.

Specific Training or Experience Required

Supporting People who get anxious; Ability to motivate, encourage and engage the interests of others.; Computer proficiency (email, Word, internet usage)

Expected Hours of Work

Monday and Tuesday or Thursday 9AM to 2PM
- additional relief hours available with this individual
- The specific configuration could change with a flexible schedule and additional relief hours. Monday to Friday (weekends shifts are optional if staff is available)

Start Date


To Apply by Email, Quote Posting #


Shared Living - AMF

Click the link to apply online to this posting

Covid-19 vaccination

Proof of vaccine required to support people to access community activities as per provincial guidelines


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