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Salaried Caregiver

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Permanent Full-Time


Looking for two roommates to live with a 21-year-old man who is moving out of his parent's house and into his own home in North Vancouver. These roommates will support him with this transition and help him establish the next phase of his life in his new place, living full time at the house and sharing the tasks of supporting him. Currently, we envision roommates having a 3 days on, 3 days off schedule, where the roommate who is on is actively supporting this young man, and the roommate that is off maintains a more passive support role. When a roommate is on, they are expected to be supporting him from evening to morning.

The person requiring support is an intelligent young man who is looking for more independence. He needs time to get to know new people and become comfortable with them, at his own pace and on his own terms. He is interested in working on cars, trains, construction machines, trucks, working on machinery, music, animated movies, and enjoys going out for meals. He has a good sense of humour and likes being out and around people.

Duties and responsibilities

The duties of this position involve living with this young man in his home and helping him with all aspects of being in his own place. These duties include helping him with grocery shopping and preparing meals, helping him with keeping the house clean and in order, helping him organize and take his medication (naturopathic treatment), taking him out for activities that a 21-year-old would enjoy, being available for him if something comes up, supporting him to make his own decisions, learn, and grow, and communicating and collaborating with his family and the agency who is organizing the support. Within the house, there is another man who lives in the basement suite. He will require occasional check-ins and support from the roommates, He will also need to be able to contact them in an emergency.

The roommates we are looking for are committed to building relationships and are capable of helping another person to make their own decisions and act as a peer, guide, and mentor to that person. They are collaborative and communicative, and able to promote learning and growth in others. They are fun, physically fit, friendly, and patient, and like being around other people. They are able to see people for who they are, not what they want them to be. Candidates should also be flexible and willing to work with minor changes, as this is the first time this young man will be living outside of the family home and some changes to the model of support may be necessary in consideration of this. Having a driver's license and vehicle for work is an asset.

The compensation for each supporting roommate is a $1500 dollar a month salary (for each roommate), free rent and utilities (tv and Wi-Fi included), and a $100 per month grocery allowance.

Please inquire if you’d like more information. The start date is flexible and there will be time to get to know the person before moving in. Please share this job with anyone you think would be a great candidate.


North Vancouver

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According to Current Pay Scale


3 Months

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Driving not required

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Supporting People who get anxious; Ability to motivate, encourage and engage the interests of others.; Assisting People to find employment or support them in the workplace; Computer proficiency (email, Word, internet usage)

Expected Hours of Work

2 Roommates (salaried caregivers) live in the home and each provides support for 3 days on, 3 days off rotation. The work times for the days when a roommate is on are evenings to mornings (exact times to be determined).

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Covid-19 vaccination

Proof of vaccine required to support people to access community activities as per provincial guidelines


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